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Luxe - $300, Urban Wick - $300, Aquamarine - $200


Luxe - $0, Urban Wick - $66 (6 candles), Aquamarine - $64

(16 bath bombs)

Experience simplicity, soak up stillness, and radiate beauty. All of the products are made with care, by hand, and in small batches, using only quality ingredients. For soaps, body creams, and bath products, check out their Revive Bath and Body line. Luxe Apothecary offers soothing essential oils, in addition to luxurious face masks and scrubs. Find a cozy scent for your home with our Urban Wick candles. Or, make your bath a little more exciting with our Aquamarine bath bombs. So, take a little extra time in the tub. Cozy up on the couch. Smell the roses. Whichever simple joy you're in the mood for, they can probably help

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